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  • Infertility?

    Infertility? Wait, isn’t this a GI practice? Yes, we normally are talking about digestive issues but today we are going to shake things up.

    Women who have trouble getting pregnant go through a broad and varied array of emotions and “why” is an...

  • Levsin Recall

    It has come to our attention that the manufactures of the drug Levsin have issued a voluntary recall of batches with Jan. 2018 expiration dates. Please check your prescription and if you have any questions contact your pharmacy.

  • Do I Have A Wheat Sensitivity?

    The avoidance of gluten has become quite the popular trend, and you can now find “gluten free” foods and snacks at almost any store. People often avoid gluten without medical reasons and just seem to feel better when wheat, barley and rye are not...