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  • Should Everyone Be On Vitamin D?

    Two studies were published recently, two different perspectives on how Vitamin D effects colon cancer, and both point to the importance of this vitamin in our body.

    The first study, done by a team of Harvard researchers and presented at an American...

  • The President and Acid Reflux

    President Obama was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend to find the cause of his chronic sore throat - the culprit turned out to be acid reflux .

    It is unusual to have acid reflux without the accompanying characteristic heartburn;...

  • Diet Soda Can Grow Gut Bacteria - but not the good kind!

    Here is another reason to take good care of your digestive tract - did you know that your gut bacteria can help regulate your blood glucose levels? A small, preliminary study, out of Isreal has shown some interesting links between the consumption of...