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  • Gluten Introduction Not A Factor In Celiac Development

    A study, done by the European Prevent Celiac Disease project, showed no support for European guidelines for the introduction of small amounts of gluten. Currently, those guidelines recommend gluten introduction between the ages of 4 and 7 months -...

  • Cologuard - What You Should Know

    If you have turned on the news lately you have heard about Cologuard, the at home, noninvasive test for colon cancer. It is being touted as the next best thing in colon cancer detection. As with most news items, there is a grain of truth being...

  • Colon Cancer and Breast Cancer Have Something In Common

    October 1, Breast Cancer Awareness Month kicks off - what has that to do with Gi Associates? 

    Both colon and breast cancers share risk factors:

    • Age - as we get older our risk for both types of cancers increase
    • Weight - being obese raises the risk...