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  • Mississippi and Colon Cancer

    Mississippi, the home state of Gi Associates, has many wonderful qualities. Our state is full of good people, great food, and plenty of recreational activities. Unfortunately, it also has one of the highest incidence of colon cancer.

    Why? Well,...

  • Know Your Risk - But Take Action

    So by now you may have heard that March is set aside as Colon Cancer Awareness Month; but if you are at least 50, being aware isn't enough - you need to schedule a screening colonoscopy.

    Maybe one day the whole country will be festooned with blue...

  • Should Everyone Be On Vitamin D?

    Two studies were published recently, two different perspectives on how Vitamin D effects colon cancer, and both point to the importance of this vitamin in our body.

    The first study, done by a team of Harvard researchers and presented at an American...