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  • Raise Awareness With MS State Car Tag

    Did you know only 55% of eligible Mississippians have been screened for colon cancer? We need to raise the number! Our goal is to raise that number to 70% by 2020. We can't do it without your help. Everyone is aware of the meaning of a pink ribbon -...

  • Stop The Presses!

    In one week there have been two different lead headlines on the morning news relevant to colon cancer. First you are told to drink plenty of coffee and then you were advised to take a pain reliever a day to ward off colon cancer.

    Hold on a minute!...

  • High Quality Colonoscopies Save Lives

    We have information on our site here that shows the results of an earlier study concluding that a certified gastroenterologist is more successful in finding precancerous polyps than other physicians. Now, a second study looks more deeply into the...